Putting GGX on the Map!

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Greetings Fabulous Folks!

This is by no means my first dip into the blogging pool, but I figured that my jewelry biz deserved a blog of it’s own! I’ve blogged a lot personally, so this is nothing new for me – just need to get some good content. Although admittedly, I want to ensure I’m doing something of substance, and hopefully encourage participation from my fans/friends/current & future clients.

My personal/professional life has been hella chaotic the past couple of months. With a 9-5 career (a good promotion made for a more stressful work life. But I’ll take it!), an almost 2yr old little woman at home, and a husband that works nights…it’s a struggle to find balance sometimes.

Since May 2009 when I started the re-emergence of GGX Jewels, things have been on a major upward swing. I feel blessed. Business is good. Lots of Vendor events up & coming that will help carve out my own little niche inthe world. And, making some amazing new networking contacts.

I’ve taken a leap of faith in some areas, and will give more details as they become available. I can only say that God is fulfilling His promise, and my dreams are coming to pass.

I figured this would also be a good additional way to interact with other local artists, as well as get in the mix a bit.  I met a wonderful new friend/fellow jewelry artist: Heather Dozier, who has served as a bit of inspiration for my wanting to come together with other artists. (more on her in a bit)

I’m still unsure of what direction this thing is headed in terms of content. Perhaps I’ll use this as a way to post the info from my newsletter too? Yeah, that sounds about right…

 Anyway – about Heather…

 We met at Wal*mart in the bead aisle!! (Actually, I’ve met quite a few good folks & fellow artists in the bead aisle at Wal*mart, Michaels, and AC Moore. A couple of whom I will be working with in the near future) She is a genuine, sweet spirit – and I feel so blessed to have met her when I did.  She restored my faith that not every one has ulterior motives. She has enlisted my help to learn some new techniques, and get her a website up & running. She also has shown a lot of support for what I’m trying to do (and vice versa) – She even wants to come support me my first vendor event (pending Snow – UGH!)  Also notable – we have decided to do the DC Natural Hair Expo together in April…and I’m looking very forward to it! We both have very obvious, different styles…so it will be great to offer even more selection to potential customers.

 Welp, folks. That’s all for now!

 If you want to learn more about other local DC artists, please visit my Artist’s Corner on the website.

 Talk soon!

 Yours in fashion & fabulousness…

 Gina – The GGX Jewel


My Passion runs deep

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My passion for beading began in 2005, and has steadily increased into an obsession! The more techniques I learn, the more my creativity is fueled. From the simple to the eccentric and everywhere in between, not a day goes by that I don’t create…SOMEthing.  Even if doodling a design, or playing with color combos.

I’ve been asked before what my favorite type of jewelry project is. Hands down: wire! I’ve been in love with bended wire since I started – though at that time my skills left alot to be desired. Over the past year, I decided to take a few tutorials, and purchase a book or two that helped expand my knowledge and skill by leaps & bounds. wire-wrapped rings will remain a favorite because of versatility, and freeform cuff bracelets are my newest love!

image & design property of http://www.ggxjewels.com

I’m inspired by…LIFE. Everything. Not just by the obvious: Eveerrrrrywhere. Jewelry stores. HSN. Seeing someone on the street. Textures. Colors. Nature…it depends on where my head is at in the moment, but it take very little for me to be inspired. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I’ll get up out of the bed from sleeping to create if I’m so moved. It’s in my blood…and I will honor the integrity of my passion at every turn.

I’m not much for giving advice, but given some of the experiences that I’ve had in this particular industry, I’d say to anyone: Do YOU. Take a style, and make it your own…and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! (not just jewelry, but WHATEVER) Some of my most memorable and conversation-worthy pieces are those that I thought looked like crap! *lol* Something that didn’t execute quite the way I anticipated, but turned out to be a more “artsy” piece of jewelry. (Case in point: my wire-wrapped cuff bracelets. NONE of them turned out as expected…but it’s a good thing!)

I guess all in all, I can’t complain about any of the experiences I’ve had. Doing this is in my blood. I’ll take the good with the bad, and keep pressing forward.

I remain thankful for the support system I have (to include clients-turned-friends!). You all truly help me keep going!